Who We Are

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cChange is a nonprofit organization that creates innovative communications initiatives to drive transformative change for good. Headquartered in Suva, Fiji, cChange also maintains staff and programs in Papua New Guinea and supports initiatives and activities throughout the Pacific.

The work of cChange is focused on communications for development or simply communications for good. The core focus of our work is motivating people to action, with the understanding that information alone is never enough to create and sustain behavior change.

Effective change communications demands that people’s motivations and barriers to action are understood and that their needs are recognized. At cChange, we put people first. We ensure local values and priorities are not only honored and respected, but form the heart of all our communication initiatives. We ask all our partners and funders to do the same.

Individual group work

We’ve held workshops teaching the use of our materials

cChange has historically focused on sustainable natural resource management, including work on fisheries management, climate change, and sustainable land management. Increasingly, we have been applying our change communications approach to a host of social and health issues, as these sectors face similar challenges in shifting mindsets.

In planning and implementation, our approach is carefully designed for the local context and available resources. Whether it be a public speaking and facilitation training, content creation for an information kit, or a full blown change campaign, we customize solutions to be appropriate and practical.

We recognize that change isn’t easy for most people, so a key part of our work is making it as smart and compelling as possible. This demands creativity and talent. As such, cChange has assembled a highly capable team of writers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and animators to respond to this challenge of making change fun, easy, and engaging.

cChange was founded in August 2013, originally begun through a program of the US nonprofit SeaWeb.